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Annual Events in Onemana

The Onemana Residents and Community Association (ORCA) host several events throughout the year including:

  • During the Summer the ORCA committee hosts BBQs, sausage sizzles, dinners etc which the community and visitors are welcome to attend.
  • During Beach Hop the Onemana Friday Thunder Cruise arrives to spend the day in Onemana. Visitors from all over the world as well as New Zealanders come to participate in and view this rally, lining the roads and streets. ORCA support the organisers of this event in a variety of ways.
  • Winter events include locals evening dinners, quiz & housie nights. 10am Coffee mornings are held on the last Thursday of each month at the Onemana Boat Shed Cafe and Bar.
  • Christmas Carols - held 23 December; an opportunity for everyone to participate and enjoy. A choir from Whangamata joins Onemana locals as a welcome addition to this event. This is also an opportunity for our two communities to gather together at a special time of year.
  • On 29 December there is a Market Day on the reserve. There are craft stalls, food stalls and lots of events for children and is known for the highly successful event it is. 

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