Onemana Ratepayers Association

Onemana has an active Ratepayers Association supported by more than half of all property owners.

The Association works to meet its objectives to beautify and develop Onemana, to make representations on behalf of members and to produce a Newsletter. Some achievements include: constructing paths and planting in the lakes reserve, the provision of seats in the reserves, the successful lobbying of Transit NZ for signposting and safety markers, the erection and maintenance of a television repeater, magpie and possum control, a petanque court, rubber matting surface under children's swings, stainless steel dog bag dispensers and planting of creek banks.

Community spirit is evident in the 'hands on' contribution made by locals and the support given by non-residents in the form of financial donations. The Committee very much appreciates the financial support, and from feedback it seems that out-of-town members appreciate the work done on their behalf.

A Newsletter is produced four times a year.     Read the latest issue here.

Membership costs $25 per year. If you would like to support your village by joining the Association, contact the Association at PO Box 390 Whangamata 3643.